Pay Attention To The Water Absorption Of Tiles

Jul 03, 2018

According to a Handmade Tile Craft Frame Craft Manufacturer, Indoor Glazed Ceramic Tiles with low water absorption have high internal stability and are suitable for spaces with high moisture and moisture content, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If the water absorption rate is too high, the body may expand and even cause the wall tiles to fall off or The floor tiles are empty.

Some consumers have confused the floor tiles and wall tiles during the renovation. Due to different uses, the water absorption rate of floor tiles and wall tiles is deviated, and the floor tiles are lower. The product descriptions are marked with applicable wall or floor, but they may occur when the consumer is improperly laid.

How to check the water absorption rate? Experts said that the water poured on the back of the tile, the tile with slow or no water penetration is of good quality and the water absorption rate is low, otherwise it is not good.

Experts say that the most important thing about ceramic tiles is quality. In addition to testing the water absorption rate, you can also lift the tiles and tap with the index finger. If the sound is crisp and the sound is “beep”, the density is high and the quality is good. If the sound is dull, a "beep" sound indicates insufficient sintering.

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