Leave Seams Or Not During Laying Tiles In Summer?

May 14, 2018

There will be some problems during laying home decoration ceramic tiles in hot summer. Tiles must be left seamed when paving, regardless of whether the tiles are “seamless” or “round-edged” paving. The main reasons are as follows:

Handpainted building decoration tiles have a problem of thermal expansion and contraction: In the summer and winter, ceramic tile and tiled cement mortar will have thermal expansion and contraction problems. In the process of temperature or humidity change, ceramic tile and cement mortar will have a certain extent, if not Leaving seams will cause the drums to crack or crack during later use.

Home Decoration Ceramic Tiles

There is an error in the tiles: Although the tiles are all mechanized, there will be a certain dimensional error in the production process. (If the error is too large, it is a product quality problem.) If there are no seams, tiles are likely to appear. The seams are uneven and affect the aesthetic appearance of the tiles.

There is an error in the construction of the workers: the technical requirements of the workers are relatively high for the tiles, and it is difficult for the workers to tile the tiles and there is no error in each tile. Temperature and humidity will affect the shop floor. Paste effect. It is also difficult to ensure the straightness of the seams of the tiles if no seams are left.

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