How To Choose Kitchen Tiles?

Jul 12, 2018

Although many families choose wooden floors during renovations, in the kitchen and bathroom areas, there are still many ceramic tiles. However, the kitchen is a place that is easy to wet and dirty in the home, so there are certain requests for the laying of Indoor Glazed Ceramic Tiles. So what questions do you need to pay attention to?

Slip resistance

Since the kitchen is one of the simplest and most humid spaces in the home environment, one of the considerations for tile decoration is to pay attention to the anti-slip properties of the Home Decoration Ceramic Tiles.

It is a good choice to put a matt tile. Matte tiles are the tiles of all tiles that best match the kitchen slip request. In general, the wear resistance and slip resistance of the whole brick are optimal. The whole body brick is not only glazed, but also has a very strong texture, which is very suitable for use in the kitchen.

2. Moisture resistance

In order to save the trouble of selecting tiles, most people generally use a mixture of wall tiles and floor tiles. Originally, wall tiles belonged to ceramics, and tiles were porcelain. The physical properties of the two were completely different.

Since the water vapor in the kitchen and the bathroom are relatively large, the wall tiles should be protected from moisture. It is precisely because of this, the tile decoration notices that the kitchen can not be mixed with wall tiles and floor tiles, it is necessary to choose the best glazed tiles for moisture protection.

3. Easy to clean

The kitchen is the most dangerous place in the home and often needs cleaning. As a result, the kitchen needs to be tiled to facilitate cleaning. Like glazed tiles, all-terrain bricks can be used in the kitchen. However, for the cleaning needs, the kitchen should not use mosaic. Since the area of each piece of the mosaic is relatively small, many gaps are formed after the paving. These gaps are easy to hide and are very inconvenient to clean.

4. Small standard

The size of the kitchen is generally not very large, so large standard tiles are not suitable. Otherwise, it will make the kitchen look very congested. Therefore, small and medium standard tiles are most suitable. Not only can it extend the visual effect, but it can also reduce the loss and dross of the tile and save the decoration cost.

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