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May 11, 2018

In the living room and kitchen and bathroom rooms of today's homes, there are often problems that the gaps in the kitchen decoration ceramic tiles and bathroom decoration ceramic tiles become black and unsanitary and beautiful. The blackening of brick seams will breed bacteria, produce odors, and seriously harm human health. This type of bacteria is particularly evident in summer.

This problem that has plagued the decoration industry for many years has now been overcome by the US sizing agent. It not only solves a series of problems caused by the darkening of brick seams, but also greatly improves the grade of decoration.

Home Decoration Ceramic Tiles sealants are diverse in color, non-absorbent, anti-oil, easy to clean, non-discoloring, abrasion resistant, and high in strength. Thoroughly change the phenomenon of seaming black mold. With luster, rich colors and natural delicate, such as gold, silver, pearl color, etc., while the white, black color is significantly higher than the white cement, color caulking agent, to the wall to bring a better overall effect, so greatly decorative and strong white cement, color caulking agent. And after its solidification, the surface is smooth, like porcelain, and can be scrubbed together with the tiles, with the characteristics of resistance to penetration and waterproofing, which can make the real tile gap "never change black".

Home Decoration Ceramic Tiles

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