Fireplace Combined With Tiles

Jul 19, 2018

In the cold winter, heating with a fireplace is very comfortable and environmentally friendly. The fireplace is a heating device. It is now common in all kinds of high-end villas. It belongs to the category of luxury goods. They originate from European nobles, but do you know? The fireplace can also be combined with Fireplace Decoration Ceramic Tiles and is very beautiful and luxurious.

In the era of arts and crafts, the pursuit of the traditional value of the family makes the fireplace of special importance. On the banks of the Atlantic, the hearth is the most important expression of this concept. The simple mantel has a shelf displaying blue and white porcelain. The most magnificent fireplace resembles the Renaissance giant fireplace wall. The most rare fireplaces are often covered with Islam. Or Chinese porcelain fragments. The pure stone or brick fireplace wall is the representative of the craftsman design in the early 20th century. In the more refined design, the carved mantelpiece trim and the deep metal hook are introduced.

Tiles are popular in fireplaces, and some good designers work with manufacturers to produce series of Indoor Glazed Ceramic Tiles. For example, Walter Clan Tiles is produced by Minton and its company, located in Stoke, Trent, Staffordshire, England, USA. Glazed Tiles Inc. is located in Zeng Sier, Kate. The Rinaway pattern is very popular. More rigorous tiles are often embossed and produced by the Art Tiles Company in Chelsea, Massachusetts. British potter William De Morgan produces fine, high-grade tiles in an oriental style.

It is also worth noting that the frame of the fireplace is made of ceramic tiles. It is an abstract Chinese traditional peony flower, which also makes the fireplace reveal a hint of Chinese characteristics. This is also the style of the interior decoration of the building: the whole The use of Chinese decorative patterns in the decoration of the No. 1 part, such as the Chinese-style carving of the wall-panel paneling, makes the Rong's old house full of households! The prisoner's taste is also the evidence of the art-gathering of the East and the West.

Indoor Glazed Ceramic Tiles


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