Ceramic Tiles Sticking Considerations in Summer

May 25, 2018

Bathroom Decoration Ceramic Tiles, Kitchen Decoration Ceramic Tiles are widely used nowadays. Many people are worried that wet and rainy summers will cause the tiles to fall off easily. Is there any way to make the tiles more secure?

First of all, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the base level before laying tiles. For example, when affixing tiles, if dirt is found on the ground, it must be cleaned. Otherwise, the cement mortar is not firmly bonded to the grass roots, and the tiles are most likely to be stuck. Secondly, the base layer before the tiling should be fully wetted with water, otherwise the moisture in the mortar will be quickly absorbed by the dry base layer and tiles and will quickly condense, which will affect its adhesion fastness. Third, the tiles should be fully "drinking water." How to judge whether the tiles drink enough water? The easiest way is to soak the tiles in the water and no water bubbles ran out to drink enough water. Fourth, the paving slabs must first be laid on the ground, and then the uncoated concrete floor tiles should be laid on the ground. After knocking, the cement slurry is spread on the floor tiles and spread on the ground. The diagonal positions of the four bricks are flush.

Bathroom Decoration Ceramic Tiles

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