Bathroom Tile Is Different

Jul 18, 2018

1. Select tile size according to the bathroom area

Before purchasing Bathroom Decoration Ceramic Tiles, first measure the bathroom area and determine the tile specifications. The average bathroom area is 4 to 5 square meters. According to the market, the smaller the size of the tile, the lower the cost and the higher cost performance. Small bathroom with 300X450 specifications can basically meet.

2. Choose the type of bathroom tile

Too bright spaces should be matte and light-colored tiles to avoid light pollution. The dark space is suitable for smooth glazed tiles to enhance the brightness of the space. The bathroom floor cannot ignore the anti-slip effect of the tile.

3. Bathroom tile color matching

Everyone can follow the following matching principle: 1. The color of the wall tiles is lighter than the floor tiles. 2, white wall tiles are versatile style. 3, cold, warm colors should not be matched. If some people think that the matching is very troublesome, they can also choose the kitchen and bathroom bricks produced by the Decoration Ceramic Tiles Factory, which is beautiful and convenient.

Bathroom Decoration Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom tile purchase considerations

1, pay attention to the overall layout of the bathroom

According to your own hobbies and field layout, choose from the brand, specifications and color of the floor tiles.

2, the bathroom to buy color

Look at the color. When selecting, place the tile at a distance of 0.8m to see if the color pattern is consistent.

3, the size should be standard

The specifications are uniform in size and uniform in thickness. When selecting, you can draw a few pieces in a box to compete. See if it is consistent.

4, whether it meets the national standard

When consumers buy ceramic tiles, they must pay attention to whether it indicates that it meets the green health standards and other signs or texts issued by the state. Do not buy three non-tile products.

5, the crack resistance of the tile

When purchasing wall tiles, pay attention to its glaze cracking resistance and strength. The good quality of wall tiles has low water absorption rate and good resistance to glaze cracking. When purchasing, you can drop a drop of water on the back to see the water absorption speed and slow water absorption. better.

6. Is the bathroom tile flat?

See if the surface is flat and there are pinholes with uneven thickness. When you buy, you can tap and listen to the sound. The more fragile the sound, the higher the density and the better the hardness.

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